In the News

Selected Media Coverage

In English:

  1. BMJ (September 15, 2014). Feature: Health Care and Technology, “Video Games on Prescription.” British Medical Journal, 349.
  2. Teichmann & Den Boer Productions (September 2014). Documentary “Boys’ Toys?”
  3. Anne Morgan (November 11, 2014). Building for the Future – Universities are spending billions on new buildings and hi-tech equipment. The Guardian.
  4. Larry Greenemeier (May 13, 2013). Video Game to Help Kids Fight Cancer. Scientific American.
  5. Ben Rooney (November 12, 2012). Old Video Game Still Helping Young Cancer Patients (video interview). Wall Street Journal
  6. Ben Rooney (November 12, 2012). Serious Games Seek Slice of Health Care Market. Wall Street Journal. 
  7. Patricia Reany (June 10, 2010). Violent videogames harmless to most kids: studies.  Reuters Life.
  8. Ann Harding (August 5, 2008). Video game helps young cancer patients take meds. Reuters Health.
  9. Reena Jana (August 22, 2006). Harnessing the power of video games: new crop of health-related titles offer sophisticated graphics, gameplay. Business Week Online.

In Spanish:

  1. Maribel Martínez (September 10, 2011). Tengo un videojuego para los enfermos de cáncer. El Correo.

In Dutch:

  1. Krol, B. (November 19, 2011). Computergame voor nerveuze arts. Volkskrant
  2. Sonnemans, A. (November 19, 2011). Gamend beter worden. Elsevier.
  3. Mudde, T. (October 29, 2011). Kankerspelletje. Volkskrant
  4. De Pous, I. (October 25, 2011). In een spel kun je ziekte overwinnin. Volkskrant.
  5. Staff Writer (September 9, 2011). Prijs voor Utrechtse game die artsen tegen stress wapent. Volkskrant.
  6. Bartelson, E. (April 18, 2011). Serious game over patient safety door Pamela Kato. Control Magazine.
  7. Vahl, R. (July 25, 2009). Serious games: De spelcomputer als hulpmiddel bij medische opleidingen. Arts en Auto.


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