How do you get doctors interested in games for health? A biofeedback game for patient safety!

I am a big fan of  Eric Bartelson who is the chief editor of Control (international edition).  He is a video game visionary and really appreciated early on how serious games are relevant to the commercial game industry. I got to know him when he did a feature
section in Control on games in healthcare back in 2008. I was new to
the Netherlands and he interviewed me about Re-Mission, a game I
worked on when I was the founding President and CEO of HopeLab in the US. I had just published a randomized control trial on its effectiveness to impact adherence to treatment among  young people with cancer in Pediatrics. I was pleased when he contacted me last year to do an article on Air Medic Sky 1.  Along with VisionShiftStudios, we finished this game in April 2011 after 3 years of working on it at the Patient Safety Center of the University Medical Center Utrecht.

Please click on the link below to access Eric’s recent article on our game that helps doctors learn about human factors skills to reduce medical errors in their work. He really captures well how you can use serious games to get people excited and engaged…even people who aren’t gamers!

Eric Bartelson’s Control Magazine article on Air Medic Sky 1

By pamkato

I am a Harvard- and Stanford-trained Ph.D. psychologist, social entrepreneur, and serious game visionary. I want to work with other people to change the world while having fun doing it.

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