“Experts Talk about Games for Learning in 50 Videos!”

I am starting to work on a talk I am going to give at the Games for Health Europe Conference on November 5  & 6 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is going to be about teaching students about how to make serious games. I am very interested in how we should thinking about making serious games and how we should teach students how to make them.

To prepare for the talk, I am going to review what other experts have to say about the matter. I am going to try to make my way through a list of 50 videos that the Staff Writers at OnlineUniversities.com have put together. It includes talks from noted experts such as Gabe Zichermann, James Paul Gee, Henry Jenkins, Brenda Braithwaite, and Ian Bogost.

I thought I would share the link with you so you could collect some gems from it as well.


I would also love to hear your thoughts on any of the videos. Please feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below.

Happy video viewing!



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