“A Potential Addition to Your Library on Serious Games for Health”

I am often asked what “classic” books I can recommend on serious games in healthcare. Truth be told, the field is still very young so there aren’t too many classics out there yet. One edited volume that is coming out in July 2012 that might be a classic is entitled, Serious Games for Healthcare: Applications and Implications.

The following is a description of the book from the publisher’s website (IGI Global):

“Serious Games for Healthcare: Applications and Implications will introduce the development and application of game technologies for health-related serious games. Further, it provides cutting-edge academic research and industry updates which will inform readers about the current and future advances in the area. Encapsulating the knowledge of commercial and noncommercial researchers, developers, and practitioners in a single volume will benefit not only the research and development community within this field, but could also serve public health interests by improving awareness and outcomes.”

The book is edited by Sylvester Arnab, Ian Dunwell, and Kurt Debattista from the Serious Games Institute in Coventry, England. I expect it to be a nice overview of cutting-edge topics in the area of serious games for health.


If any of you are interested in pre-ordering a copy AND getting a significant discount, please keep reading. I was given an “Exclusive Discount Offer” form for the book because I authored a chapter about working with researchers on serious games. Even though the offer is “exclusive,” the marketing representative for the book told me that I may share the offer with my colleagues. As a reader of my blog, I consider you a colleague and I hereby share with you the discount offer form. You can click HERE to access the form. You can get a 40% discount on one copy, 45% on two copies, and 50% on 3 or more.

By the way, I never have nor will make a cent from the sales of the book. Ah, the beauty of intrinsic motivation! I hope this book contributes to your ever growing library of research on serious games for health. Once you get a chance to read it, I would encourage you to share your thoughts and comments on it below.


For the sake of open disclosure, I was not paid a penny for my contribution nor will I receive even a penny on the sales of the book. In sum, I have no financial interest in promoting this book. I am interested in encouraging people to learn more about serious games for health either through my blog or discounted books!


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